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A Comprehensive Trading Guide
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Lifetime trainning

To ensure regular review of knowledge is flexible in trade coins, TCVN is one of the places that allows students to relearn for a lifetime.

And just like Warren Buffett said: Everything takes time, you can not create a baby after 1 month by having 9 pregnant women at the same time. To become a tiger on the market, TCVN needs more than 7 years and many times lost money. Everyone must pay to succeed. The question is: Do you dare pay the price? Do you go to the end?

If you want to succeed, you must be committed to your success.

Everything you need to succeed in trading cryptocurrencies.

Lets face it, trading currencies can be an intimidating proposition.

ICOs, exchanges, market volatility come together to create an environment that is both complex and financially rewarding.

This course covers topics ranging from market psychology to executing a trade and teaches you everything you need to succeed in trading cryptocurrencies.

So you want to trade Crypto?

Do you want to be a part of the biggest trading opportunity of our time? We are on the cusp of a new era in trading, investing and technological development.

The problem with being a part of this unique project is opportunity is that it can be completely and utterly overwhelming. Experienced stock traders and newly interested parties alike can feel lost in the new crypto market: BTC? BCCUSD? ETHBTC? Yeah, it’s a bit complicated.

At the Chart Guys we have been guiding our members through these turbulent waters and we have emerged as one of the premier leader in the Technical Analysis of the cryptocurrency space.

Through this experience we have seen first hand the most common questions and concerns new traders have. Now we are passing this knowledge on to you.

This course will help you learn everything you need to succeed in trading Crypto-Currencies and provide you with the best possible start to trading in this developing market.

Trade Coin Course

You have invested in a long-term strategy, and now you want to enter more market by surfing from short to medium term to optimize profits.

You want to try the field of trading and trader trades with a low-risk and lowest-cost method.

Learn about the fundamentals of trading (the opposite of investing in investing).
You want to apply aspects like Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, etc. to your investment process in order to find good entry points.

You want to have an additional source of income when you enter the market with trading methods, but you do not know where to start and how to go.

Learn Theory, Understand The Problem

Understand the PROBLEM of the crypto market to make rational decisions for each strategy.

Understand, master and use tools to understand the market, helping the decision-making process for long-term investment and short-term surfing.

Learn about the fundamentals of trading (the opposite of investing in investing).

Learn the important principles to train your psychology – an extremely important factor to be successful in the Crypto market.

Guaranteed journey to become a professional trader with the lowest costs and risks.

Investing will begin to pay off by finding effective principles and strategies that will help you gain an edge in the market. Although, in reality, there is no guaranteed method to help you “win the battle”, but the Trading TCVN course will show you effective methods to make sure you win as much as possible and minimize risks. ro in the market.

Thinking and Right Way

Understand the operation of the cryptocurrency market.

Break up the myths about trading and traders in the minds of people all this time.

The right mindset to become a successful trader right from the start.

Understand the real nature of traders and trading jobs.

Discover yourself through the journey of learning and practicing trading: Can you be charmed with the profession of Trading or not?

Even if you have acquired all the knowledge and investment strategies, it is not enough. To become a successful trader, you must have the right mindset of a successful investor. Studying all kinds of effective investment strategies won’t help if you can’t simulate the minds of successful investors.

Trading Directly on an Exchange

Provide trading strategies for you to choose some strategies that best suit you.

Guide to update market information, trading signals, recognize good codes …

Becoming a methodically sound trader is definitely about trading discipline right from the start.

Post-course support so you can correct and improve your trading career.

Join the market battle right after the end of the course.

If you do not apply and persist in practicing what you have learned, it will not help you become a professional trader. At the end of the course, you can start working immediately thanks to the guidance from TCVN on Telegram channel.


There are methods to choose coins worth investing in and taking advantage of the abundant source of information about the market.

Access to the optimal system with the best profit efficiency .. 

MegaBot application is extremely disciplined in trading coin.

Supported to create a strategy to recover losses and gain “valuable” experience from the community.

Know how to save from basic wages and plan for “sustainable enrichment – solid surfing”.

Course Calendar

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Trade Like A Pro 



13 – 14


Trade Like A Pro 



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