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A smart and secure way to get diversified exposure to cryptoassets. The fund tracks the cryptocurrencies in the TCVN, which is a basket of the largest coins, weighted by 5-year diluted market capitalization and rebalanced monthly. The fund provides the security and convenience of a traditional investment vehicle.



Besides INFORMATION, KNOWLEDGE is equally important. With TCVN you are also constantly updated knowledge and never afraid to be left behind in the world of crypto investors.


Unity is strength

nvestment is not a guessing of the future of luck but a game of wisdom and patience. You cannot become rich if you only collect every penny, every penny the way most people out there do. You have to think differently and act differently. TCVN is the difference

Only those who have quality “important” infomation can win on a market full of opportunities and also full of pitfalls like crypto.


In this next wave of the digital revolution, digital currencies are emerging as what many believe to be the greatest innovation since the advent of the internet.

For the first time in history, value can be sent anywhere in the world at the same speed as information, in a secure and trustless way. A departure from conventional economic, political, and social systems run by a handful of large centralized institutions, digital currencies are powered by millions of peers within a globally distributed network, democratizing information and value in incredible new ways. Several digital currencies, each with unique comparative advantages, may radically transform legacy systems across nations and industries around the world, driving future economic growth and becoming more valuable as the keys to our digital, global economy.

At Trade Coin Viet Nam, we believe investors deserve an established, trusted, and accountable partner that can help them navigate digital currency investing. That’s why we are building transparent, familiar investment products that facilitate access to this burgeoning asset class, and provide the springboard to investing in the new digital currency-powered “internet of money.”

Personal strategy

Personalize each investment strategy for each customer so that the investor maximizes profits – minimum risk. TCVN always put the capital safety of investors first.

Long-term investment

Save time and money sitting daily trading, now you can rely on the support of a specialist of TCVN to hold the Crypto asset codes with potential for future growth.

Professional Team

7 years of experience in the Crypto market is enough for TCVN masters to make you money, even if you have ever lost capital in the market, you can still stand up with the TCVN and win the crypto market.


The community of more than 7,000 members believes in the orientation and gold standards of TCVN



The average profit of investors in the TCVN Investors ranges from 5% -12% / month


The partners of TCVN are big exchanges such as Bingbon, FTX, Whale INC, CJC Markets, LMT, ..

$ 20 million fund

Reserve fund for investors is about to reach $ 20 million

Advantages when joining TCVN


  • Friendly for newbies
  • Crypto code x2 – x20 property
  • Buy / sell signal
  • Receive selective news and news daily
  • Please research and analyze the code you are interested in
  • High-tech applications in Vietnam (Mega Trading Signasl Bot)

Friendly for newbies

Join for free Investment 4.0 course with Crypto

Consultation via Telegram or direct support by TCVN experts

Email support for complex issues needs detailed reporting

Buy / sell signal

You do not know when to buy, when to sell, then to buy / sell more or less? No problem. TCVN will often provide you with trading signals for the whole market.

Background analysis: That is, based on the potential value of the market, the “intelligence” and the general attitude of the market.

Technical analysis: Ie chart-based analysis and technical drawing methods. In particular, the buy / sell signals of TCVN are based on 2 sources at the same time.

Suggest research & analyze the code you are interested in

This is another value for members of TCVN, you can ask TCVN to consider researching and analyzing a code that you are interested in.

TCVN will have to consider each proposal, not sure it will conduct research and analysis of all the proposals. TCVN completely decides to invest time, effort, money, … to research and analyze a certain code.

Crypto code x2 – x20 property

The crypto world grows and changes too fast compared to the stock market, so the TCVN system is specially designed to help you.

Choose more flexible investment strategies that suit your individual risk tolerance and profit expectations. Get a better overview of the stocks you are investing in, as well as prospects in the short, medium and long term.

Receive information and news (selective) daily

You don’t have to spend hours every day reading hundreds of market news and news. It is the work of TCVN to ensure you provide the most timely information and news, as well as support you the best.

This value will help you to be able to follow the market information regularly, update important daily news, but not waste time.

High-tech applications (exclusive in Vietnam)

What makes a huge difference of TCVN is that we have just invested nearly 3 billion in the market analysis and evaluation system, trade bot Crypto called MegaBot using Artificial Intelligence – a combination of keeping position. human intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI) in market prediction.

win win with tcvn

Start building your investment plan today!

Crypto is a new land, and the new land is always full of traps and beasts, but the new land will also bring opportunities that seem like dreams. Our all-encompassing South was also a pristine land full of traps and wild animals. But there was a time when it was dubbed the “Pearl of the Far East”.

“I’d rather take the sadness of losing 50 million if I miss the right time to invest, but I can’t embrace the loss of 5 billion because I didn’t dare to invest when the opportunity truly came.”


Financial Resources and News

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