Media Partner

Trade Coin Vietnam is one of the main media partners for many major exchanges such as FTX, BingBon, LMT, Whale INC, CJC Markets, …


In 2020, TCVN only focuses on building users for exchanges and PR / Marketing media for real Blockchain / Crypto projects.

Create user for Exchange

TCVN creates a large number of users to help the exchange increase trading volume, connect the community, and accompany with the Trading events of the exchange in the future.

Communication - Marketing project

Unlocking the potential of the Crypto market in Vietnam, TCVN introduces – growing community of traders – holders – investers supporting your project.

Users for Exchange


Create users flow from many Group Trading

TCVN joins Trading battle

Meetup & Event Planning

Community Management

Connect famous Crypto channels

Multimedia communication

Content Creation 

Translate Whitepaper – Onepaper – Document

Communication – Marketing project


Content Creation

Support multi-media

Connect famous Crypto channels

Meetup & Event Planning – Party

Community Management

Media Booking

Translate Whitepaper – Onepaper – Pitch deck

Facebook 100.000 members

Trade Coin Vietnam has a lot of experience in deploying, connecting the community to create large users flow for projects – events – especially the trading exchange

Telegram 7.000 member

Trade Coin Vietnam is one of the most active cryptocurrency groups in Vietnam. Figures are recorded by Combot.

Strong Relationship

Leveraging our strong networks with more than 80% of Vietnamese crypto medias to save a lot of time and efforts.

Whether you are looking for an experienced marketer to build strong Vietnamese community or a team of dedicated community managers, we can help you achieve your goals.

Deep Market Insights

Most projects failed when they tried to expand to Vietnam because they didn’t understand the market. We’ve been in this industry for nearly 2 years. Let we share with you all the tactics and strategies that will work for this market.

Communication partner in Vietnam

Exchange Partner


“In partnership with Trade Coin Vietnam, Whale Inc. held this trading competition to allow traders to showcase our strategies in trading countdown contracts. This is a successful event for us in Viet Nam crypto market” – Whale INC

Watch Video here 

“Vietnam is a potential market for cryptocurrencies, we hope that in the future, Trade Coin Vietnam will be one of the largest Crypto communities in Asia.” 

– Bingbon Exchange

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Unlocking the potential of the Crypto market in Vietnam. By growing a strong local community to support your project.

05663.88888 - Mr Tuan Anh

98 Bach Dang Street, Tan Binh District, HCM